Little hitchhiking zine

Here is a zine I made a while back and only just got round to digitising. It’s designed to give people the comfidence to go hitchhiking. My approach has changed a lot since then but im still proud if this little piece.

Relating it to geography, every manner we have of travelling exposes us to a different relationship with the passing scenery. With cars we race through anonymous motorways and service stations but alsohabe the freedom to explore far flung corners, at the end of abandoned muddy tracks. Walking on the other hand means we get nowhere fast but at least can appreciate the natural bequty of the road, even though distant mountains may seem much less acessible to us. With hitch-hiking we have the chance to surrender independance as we find it. The journey is tied us with the banal everyday journeys of the people who give us rides, and iur routes are constantly readjusted to accomodate missed turn-offs and invitations to peoples homes. Hitch hiking seems the most romantic remaining mode of travelling, we are exposed, and even thumbing along a well known road can introduce us to new ways of looking at our surroundings.


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