Archives of a changing department part 2

The previous post was showing the change in the  area using maps to demonstrate the encroachment of Paris and the increasing urbanisation of the area. Thesame afternoon in the library Ialso found lots of images illustrating the’histoire populaire’ of val-de-marne especially in Ivry. The town has traditionally been a terrain of social struggle, factories and social housing and is a part of the old communist heartland known as the Banlieu Rouge. Now as it becomes more and more integrated in Paris, and old revoluntionary communists become consumed by dominant non-radical politics, history is being swept aside. I reproduce here some of the images I found, don’tforget where your town came from!

Ok yeah so this first image is actually of Kremlin-Bicestre rather than Ivry but it still illustrates how rapid the pace of urbanisation has been. At the end of the 19th century, most of what is now the val-de-marne was agricultural land

The construction of the Moulin in Ivry, I used to live in a squat (now evicted natch) opposite this monument, which remains a symbol of the town even as it is dwarfed by the surrounding constructions of flats and office blocks.

I’m not sure exactly what this photo is in reference to but it could be part of the first period of construction of social housing.

 Et voila the first habitat de bon marche, built 1926

The casino was turned into the Luxy cinema which is still in use as an independent cinema

Both men and women worked in the factories and both men and women participated in political action

Women from the factory creche

Ivry port – now being turned into flats under the Ivry confluences project

The old Napolean bridge

Ctnhe high streetin the 60s, some of the signs are still there, but so is a 70s shopping centre


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