‘All Comfrey Against Bruises’ Balme

Comfrey is a plant that I’ve started to use loads, especially as it’s been flowering so I’m making the most of it whileit lasts, I’ve mainly been using it for skin and bones repair, putting leaves in the bath to help stop an old knee injury becoming too inflamed while I’m working. 

Here is a recipe for a comfrey based ointment it just requiressome fresh leaves,beeswax and an oil base, I used coconutoil for example.  It takes a while, stinks out the kitchen, and will baffle your flatmates but it’s worth it. 

Put the leaves in a large jar and cover them with the oil then place the jar and the oil in a large pot, with a rag wrapped around the base so that the jar doesn’t crack. Fill the pot with water and place on a low heat for 2-3 days so that the oil becomes infused. Take off the heat when the oil has become dark green.

Heatthe beeswax- I put in too much the first time round which makes the ointment less strong.Maybe try around 50g for every jar of infused oil. Mix the oil in with the wax and decant into pots and voila!

The ointment is useful for external use only! Too much ingested comfrey can be bad for the liver so watch out. Apply this to cuts, burns, bruises, sprains and fractures!

I should add that I wanted an ointment for these kind of injuries as it’s the type of minor injuries that can be sustained protesting, or in other politically motivated confrontations, especially with the police and their mates (police weapons can also cause blindness and death, which this stuff can’t treat unfortunatly). Herbalism and plantlore is for me a manner of helping us survive out of the capitalist system by releasing us, even a little, from our dependence on capitalist infrastructures such as bigpharma. That’s also why I totally own being a witch. There’s a really good discussion of this in a brochure you can find here.

For my next trick I’ll be collecting some Angelica which is currently in season to prepare an oil or concoction for joint pain so watch this space.


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